Over the next coupla weeks, Cha Cha Charming will take on a slightly more Australian tone, as I’m currently one hour into a 20-hour trip to Sydney. This is a continent I never thought I’d see in this life-time, as I’ve spent 34 of my 35 years as a severe arachnophobe, always researching the spider population of a country before I visit. I believe Australia is home to the largest, most diverse, and most dangerous population of spiders and so it has always remained at the bottom of my list of places to visit. I’m planning to do a proper post on the AA for arachnophobes that miraculously cured me of my fear, but just wanted to quickly write up a post that will explain the jet-lagged, exhausted, sporadic nature of the next few days of blog posts. 

We’re spending five nights in Sydney, and then taking a coastal road-trip down to Melbourne, where we’ll be staying for a week. Aside from my thorough research on Australian arachnids, I know very little about the cities I’ll be visiting. Any tips on record shopping (specifically for 45s) would be greatly appreciated. 

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