I came home to find this handmade postcard in my mailbox, sent from a friend who lives just down the road and who knows how much I love spiders. I’d written a piece a few weeks ago on the magic of receiving postcards, which you can read here. It’s automatic mood-elevation. Someone somewhere is thinking of you, and has taken the time to let you know it. Or in this case, my ridiculously talented friend Meghan Moore decided to illustrate a spider on a skateboard because, as she writes, “you should never buy something you can personally make.” I spent the next hour drooling over the illustration, re-reading the postcard, and feeling awesome. The joy of such a simple pleasure! My offer to write you a postcard still stands, so please send me your mailing address. sheila (at) chachacharming (dot) com.

I have a new mix all ready to put up, but somehow all the music on my site has stopped working. It’ll go up as soon as everything’s fixed.

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