Hello friends. I’m mourning the loss of my sweet Pumpkin, who we put to sleep this past Sunday. It’s been an intense six months of shuttling her back and forth between vets, hospitals, and holistic healers, in hopes of her overcoming what one vet called the worse infection he’d ever seen in a cat. I even went so far as to make an appointment with an animal psychic. My friends thought it was a hilarious move, but you’ll do whatever you can when you’re desperate. But FYI, they were right. The best the psychic could offer was that Pumpkin was a very smart cat who loved me. Profound. 

I’ve left my place in Brooklyn to get some peace and quiet. I know I have to go back soon, but I just can’t bear to be in my apartment without her. The emptiness terrifies me. I have little desire to do anything but sit outside and read. I loved her so much. It’s hard living without her.

I’ll be back with an update as soon as I feel up to it.

With love,

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