Big Bush Sound Mix

British session gals Sue & Sunny give us the wonderfully titled “Big Bush Sound,” which is sadly not an ode to pubic hair but a rather grand jingle for the Bush brand‚ÄĒmaker of stereo equipment. There are quite a few Brit Girls on this mix‚ÄĒKim D., Jacki Bond, and Janice Nichols, whose “I’ll Give It Five” boasts some truly ridiculous lyrics (“I love Elvis and his pelvis”). I thought I’d pretty much completed my Brit girl 45 collection, but Sandra Bryant’s storming “Out To Get You” proved me very wrong. I picked up Erma Franklin’s “I Don’t Want No Mama’s Boy” at the Allentown Record Fair, which I hear is pretty tough to track down so I thank my trusty dealer Barry Soltz for the very reasonable price tag. I had to resist including some of my new Japanese ’60s favorites, as they will be making up the second volume of Nippon Girls, out on Ace Records in September. But I think you’ll agree that Chie Sawa’s early ’70s “Janisu No You Ni” and Kiyoko Ito’s cover of “O Ganso” are pretty fab. I had planned on dishing out a … Read more

My Favorite Record #10

Chako & Applies: Anata Ga Ichiban (Minoruphone, 1969) [Please note that the song can take a few seconds to load] For the month of March I instituted a self-imposed ban on buying non-essential items. Although I fell off the wagon just once (DJ Shakey’s 45s record fair… I couldn’t resist!), I did find that depriving myself of regular vinyl purchases meant spending more time with the records I already own. There’s a tendency as a record collector to feel that you never have enough‚ÄĒif I could only locate the Crystals’ “I Got A Man” 45 and any of Margaret Mandolph’s Planetary singles (seriously, I REALLY need these records!) then I promise I’ll be satisfied! But I’ve said that about pretty much every record I own, and having the 45 in my possession did nothing to relieve the hunger. So a record-shopping ban was perhaps the only way to force myself to appreciate what I have. It also prompted¬†a new project‚ÄĒto go through each and every A-side and B-side in my collection, in hopes that I may have missed a winner or three. I’ve started with my ’60s Japanese girl-pop 45s, … Read more

Dust & Grooves Book

Back in 2005 I decided I was going to write a book. I called a friend who worked in publishing and invited her to lunch to pitch my idea. I’m going to write a book about record collectors, I explained. My plan is to travel the world interviewing + photographing death metal collectors from Norway, Northern Soul collectors in the North of England, rockabilly vinyl-heads in the US, you name it. I made an enormous list of potential collectors, bought every single book in existence on record collecting, and began writing up a proper pitch. Then I dropped the idea. Not consciously, but I turned my attention towards other projects and found that the “My Book!” folder on my desktop remained untouched. Years later I stumbled upon Dust & Grooves‚ÄĒ”a photography and interview project documenting vinyl collectors” by Israeli photographer Eilon Paz. Of course I wanted it to be terrible so I could avoid all uncomfortable feelings of regret and envy, but no such luck. Dust & Grooves was phenomenal, a visual masterpiece. I’ve seen a lot of photos of record collectors, but none as emotive and beautiful as those … Read more

Lesley Gore’s Girl Talk

When I visited Lesley Gore in her new pad on the Upper East Side, she was still reeling from a fire that burned down the apartment she had lived in for many years.¬†“I’m only just beginning to feel like I’m coming out of a dark, seriously ugly time,” she said, explaining that what remained of her belongings was still in storage and that she was still hard at work getting her new apartment in order. Despite enduring what she considers the toughest year of her life, she credits the fire with giving her a “good kick in the butt” and focusing her on a number projects she had put on the back burner‚ÄĒincluding writing her memoirs. “There’s no¬†question that it’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you deal with it,” she said.¬† I was on assignment from Ace Records, who was reissuing her Girl Talk album from 1964, along with 13 bonus tracks. I brought my Girl Talk LP with me, and handed it to Lesley hoping she could take me back to that time. She went through each track, highlighting Van McCoy’s “You’ve Come Back” as … Read more

The Right To Be Lazy

I have experienced hell, and it is an oral surgeon hammering your jaw bone in order to “lift” your sinus cavity and make room for a dental implant. I arrived at my surgery appointment expecting a mildly pleasant laughing gas trip (my last laughing gas experience at the dentist was exceptionally awesome!), but instead received a 30-minute torture session that only worsened once the anaesthesia wore off. I ended up¬†flat out for a week, attempting to¬†dull the pain with documentaries, eBay, Dory Previn records, and reading¬†Autopilot: The Art and Science of Doing Nothing¬†by Andrew Smart. It takes Tom Hodgkinson’s¬†How to Be Idle / How to Be Free¬†series¬†(both eye-opening, life-changing books for me) into a more academic realm, offering scientific proof that doing nothing does wonders for the brain, and thus does wonders for creativity, happiness, and health. I then watched a documentary called Surviving Progress, which details the economic and climate abyss we currently face, and interviews a range of talking heads who offer their unconventional views on what can be done to reverse these ugly trends. The general consensus seems to be that rather than striving for further economic … Read more

She Sold Me Magic mix

Sampsa! Vesa! I finally scored a copy of “I Changed My Mind Jack!” I vividly recall my brilliant-record-radar going haywire the night I first heard this record deep down in a Helsinki basement.¬†After a minor freakout over the song being SO FRIGGIN’ AMAZING, I was informed by DJs Vesa Yli-Pelkonen and Sampsa Vilhunen that this Jo Ann Campbell single was exceedingly rare (Swedish-only jukebox 45). Devastating news. Since that evening, I’ve made every attempt to track it down and after keeping a close eye on¬†eBay for three loooooong years, I can finally rest easy knowing that this 45 is now part of my collection. Exhale….! So, “I Changed My Mind Jack”¬†opens this month’s mix of female freakbeat, soul, R&B, pop, folk-rock, and a little bit of swing. All female-fronted, of course.¬† You’ll notice the addition of a MixCloud link at the bottom, which allows me to play DJ in my own home. Also, for those who can’t work my music-player on your phones, iPads, etc., you can listen anywhere, anytime via¬†MixCloud. I highly recommend checking out Sampsa + Vesa’s DJ mixes¬†on MixCloud as well. They are two of the finest … Read more

Ava Gardner + New Orleans Rap

I blame for my lack of updates over the past couple of weeks. It gives those outside Japan access to Yahoo Auctions, a goldmine for rare Japanese vinyl. When I left Tokyo in 2004, I mourned the end of my love affair with Yahoo Auctions, beloved provider of my most cherished ’60s Japanese girl-pop 45s. It’s been two weeks since discovering and the thrill is not even close to wearing off. I’ve been given the keys back to the kingdom, and I am thankful every single friggin’ day. One of my recent scores will be appearing on the second volume of Nippon Girls, which Ace Records are clearing right this minute! Speaking of Ace, I’ve reviewed a couple of their latest compilations‚ÄĒDusty Heard Them Here First, featuring the original versions of Dusty’s covers, and the 8th volume of the Where the Girls Are¬†series‚ÄĒwhich you can read by clicking on the links. January got off to a hot n’ sunny start in Palm Springs, CA, where I hung by the poolside at the Del Marcos Hotel devouring Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations by Peter Evans and Ava Gardner. I … Read more

Yé-Yé Girls Book Release Party!

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a fab holiday! I’ve been spending the past week hanging out in my favorite spot on the planet‚ÄĒPalm Springs, California, so this is going to be a quick post just to give a heads up to all New Yorkers + Y√©-Y√© fans that I’ll be DJing at Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe’s book release party for the¬†Y√©-Y√© Girls of ’60s French Pop on Thursday January 9, 2014 at Molasses Books in Brooklyn. Flyer + details below! xo-Sheila Y√©-Y√© Girls of ’60s French Pop Book Release PartyThursday, January 9th, 2014,¬†7pmAddress:¬†Molasses Books,¬†770 Hart Street,¬†Brooklyn, NY,¬†11237Event page:

Happy Holiday Mix

I was driving ’round Brooklyn buying xmas presents on Saturday, listening to the WFMU DJs play their favorite holiday songs. That’s where I first heard Lord Nelson’s “Party for Santa Claus,” which (after “Santa Baby”) is one of the most brilliant, festive holiday songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. You’ll find that along with some holiday classics, a very ’60s Japanese pop take on traditional xmas tunes, the Lollipops’ most adorable xmas re-vamp of the Chordettes’ “Mr. Sandman,” and one song that has absolutely nothing to do with the holidays, but which I think always sounds best during this time of the year (The Cardigans’ “Celia Inside”).¬† Have a wonderful holiday everyone!¬† With love,xo-Sheila 1. Detroit Junior:¬†Christmas Day2. The Lollipops: Mr. Santa3. The Orchids:¬†Christmas Is The Time To Be With Your Baby4. Kayoko Moriyama:¬†Tonde Kita Santa Claus5.¬†Eartha Kitt & Henri Ren√©: Santa Baby6. Amos Milburn:¬†Christmas Comes But Once a Year7.¬†Fran√ßoise Hardy: Song Of Winter8. The Cardigans:¬†Celia Inside9. Nino Tempo & April Stevens:¬†The Coldest Night Of The Year10. Lord Nelson:¬†Party For Santa Claus11.¬†Jean & The Statesides: Cold Cold Winter12. Bill Pursell:¬†Our Winter Love13. Robin Ward:¬†Winter’s Here14. Julie London: Warm … Read more

DJing BUST Holiday Party in Brooklyn

This Friday December 20th, I’ll be DJing from 6pm – midnight at BUST magazine’s Holiday Party at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar. There will be performances by SISU, Lizzo, and U.S. Girls. I love DJing BUST‘s parties cos I can go from Ann-Margret to Janelle Monae, ¬†Bobbie Gentry to Salt-n-Pepa, Barbara Lynn to Kim Wilde without anyone giving me strange looks. No rules or restrictions!¬† Brooklyn Night Bazaar165 Banker Street (between Wythe & Meserole Avenues)¬†Brooklyn,¬†NY¬†11222 Free entry!¬†