SH-BOOM! Friday January 15th!

Happy New Year! It’s been a strange start to 2016—wildly oscillating winter temperatures (yesterday 60 degrees, today 25), forever-flus, and the departure of our truest heroes—Lemmy from Motorhead (he passed on December 28th, but close enough), André Courrèges, and today—so unexpectedly—David Bowie. Sadness is in the air. It feels like we humans could all do with pressing the pause button, or perhaps a month-long hibernation. That said, my intention with this post is to alert you to my upcoming party this Friday January 15th, so please disregard my mournful, sinus-infected words above. Perhaps the actual solution to January’s losses and blues is to gather together in a hot n’ sweaty setting whilst Radley Metzger’s erotic masterpieces transform concrete walls into psycho-sexual eye-candy, go-go girl Anna Copa Cabanna seduces with the swish of her hips, and we—DJs Josh Styles, Todd-O-Phonic-Todd, and me—soundtrack the naughtiness with our most delectable vintage 45s. If it’s anything like last month’s Sh-Boom, I promise that it will be something. Hope to see you there! xo-Sheila Facebook event page:

SH-BOOM! Friday December 4th!

Hello friends! In the spirit of the Vampyros Lesbos parties in the ’90s, I thought I’d give my monthly party Sh-Boom a slight x-rated re-vamp. This Friday December 4th, Sh-Boom is re-launching at brand new Bushwick bar, Our Wicked Lady (153 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn, 11237) with DJs Josh Styles n’ me, Sheila B., go-go girl Anna Copa Cabanna, and lotsa vintage porn for your visual pleasure. Expect 60s girl groups, freakbeat, Northern Soul, soundtracks, doo wop, French Yé-Yé, R&B, easy listening, Japanese pop, and songs with whips + heavy moaning. You must be over 21 to attend ; ) Hope to see you there! xo-Sheila Sh-Boom’s facebook event page:


The only upside to being bed-ridden for the past four days is getting to spend hours updating my want list, catching up on movies (We Are the Best!, Omar, Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night) and buying records off + Thanks to this very dangerous site that allows those outside Japan to access Japan’s Yahoo Auctions (the ultimate auction site for Japanese vinyl), I am now the proud owner of a 6-CD box set of Japanese erotic girl-pop from the 60s + 70s (with the added bonus of naughty traditional prints on the sleeves), compiled by the Nippon Columbia label in 2000 . This episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom” is a bit of an odd one because the Paris attacks happened during my show : ( One of my listeners posted the news on the message board just as I was about to go on mic, so I found it very difficult to keep my emotions in check and operate as if it was business as usual. I’m completely incapable of acting in any other way than how I’m feeling, so this episode is a bit more tongue-tied, … Read more


Hello friends! I’ve gotten a little behind on updating Cha Cha Charming with my WFMU “Sophisticated Boom Boom” playlists, so I shall be playing catch-up this week. On “Kitty Up Go” from November 6th, 2015, I opened with what I’ll call the ultimate rejection record. This baffling 45 from 1962 features a man named Monte phoning up girls only to be repeatedly hung up on. It is an absolute delight, and part of my attempt to pioneer the term “rejection record” in hopes of one day creating a genre as widely-known as Northern Soul or freakbeat. I’m always on the lookout for rejection records, so please do send any tips my way! I also played Santigold’s latest single “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” (which sounds like she’s been listening to a whole lotta William Onyeabor), Irma Thomas’ “Live Again” from 1965 (written by Bacharach + David, and un-released at the time), “Betty” by new LA band the Pom Poms, Ricky Nelson’s brilliant and unexpected “Gypsy Woman” (one of the many records I inherited on my DJ trip to Dallas), the American Breed’s “To Put Up With You,” and the perfect getting-ready-for-a-Friday-night-out track by … Read more

Mini-East-Coast DJ Tour!

I just got back from a DJ trip to Dallas that involved digging through the ENORMOUS stock of 45s at Josey Records (this photo doesn’t even do it justice), and I’m heading out on the road again for more DJing (and hopefully record shopping) in Providence, RI, Boston, MA, and Richmond, VA. Here are the deets! xo-Sheila Friday November 13, 2015 / Providence, RI Soul Power Girl Group Spectacular! DUSK, 301 Harris Ave, Providence, Rhode Island 02909 10pm – 2am With DJs Resident DJs Ty Jesso + John O’Leary + guest DJ Sheila B. Plus go-go girls + rare girl group videos on a big screen Cover: $7 Facebook event page: Saturday November 14th, 2015 / Boston, MA Soulelujah! A Saturday night soul n’ funk 45s party! The Middle East Club (Upstairs), 472 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139 10pm – 2am Cover: $8 Click here for tickets. Saturday November 21st, 2015 / Richmond, VA Le Garage! An all vinyl DJ night that features garage, mod, soul, yé-yé, psych, freakbeat, and girl group records from all decades. With DJs Sister Golden Haze, Lightnings Girl, + guest DJ Sheila B. Balliceaux, 203 N Lombardy … Read more


Thank you to my fellow WFMU DJs Fabio + Monica for bringing the late, great New York night-life DJ, Anita Sarko to my attention. I’m gutted to have only learned about Anita upon the news of her death (she committed suicide at the age of 68), but I spent an entire morning watching her dish out words of wisdom and wisecracks on various YouTube clips and reading remembrance pieces by her loved ones. This one by Michael Musto is especially touching. And this piece in the New York Times ends with a devastating quote by her friend, Chuck Nanney: “Anybody in a club situation where they were at the top of the heap — if they showed any weakness or vulnerability, people would be really fickle and abandon you,” Mr. Nanney said. “That seems intrinsic to a certain part of New York — always having to keep on your game face, never show any signs of weakness. And that breaks my heart.” Another friend compared her to Teri Garr in Martin Scorsese’s After Hours, whose character I have such an affinity for (After Hours being one of my favorite films of all-time). … Read more

WFMU’s SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM #19: Swedish Blonde and Japanese Mystery

Last week was Singles Going Steady week on WFMU, where I “adhered slavishly” (as one listener commented) to playing only 45s on the Singles Going Steady episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom.” The 3 hours and 52 45s included my newly purchased copy of Sandra Barry & the Boys’ “Really Gonna Shake.” If you haven’t seen the Scopitone for this, may I suggest you watch it PRONTO. Here’s the link: Also, the Jets’ perfect prom-ballad “You Got It All,” Myrna March’s speedy “I Keep Forgettin’” (miles better than the Chuck Jackson original, me thinks), Quincy Jones’ “Ai No Corrida” (for my mom), Sparkley Betty Barkley’s ultra-cute “My Resistance Is Low,” The Orchids’ “Oo-Chang-A-Lang” (we were very fortunate to have the Orchids’ Georgina Johnstone chime in on the comments board during the show!), a very eery record called “Long Long Gone” by Zena Ayo, and more!   Listen to the “Singles Going Steady: Swedish Blonde + Japanese Mystery” episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom” here: xo-Sheila


My attempt to use “Sophisticated Boom Boom” as a way to purge myself of last week’s blues worked! The WFMU radio cure consisted of 1) venting my sadness + frustration on the airwaves, 2) setting it aflame with Megadeth’s “Set the World Afire,” 3) self-soothing with Linda Scott’s “I’ve Told Every Little Star” 4) sharing my 2nd grade dirty magazine story, 5) returning to a joyful and balanced state thanks to records both new—Jane Weaver, Tame Impala, Khruangbin, the Duke Spirit—and old—Kirsty MacColl’s “Fifteen Minutes” (the record I was most excited to play!), the Monkees “As We Go Along,” the Donnas, Nicole Atkins, the Bad Habits “Night Owl” (thanks to the two New Orleans DJs who played this at the Ponderosa Stomp + BLEW MY MIND!), and MORE MORE MORE! Listen to the “Evil Gal Blues” episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom” here: xo-Sheila


The Nicky: The Talking Cat record I found at the Record Parlour in Los Angeles was clearly the star of last week’s “Follow that Blonde!” episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom.” Some of the other 51 records I played were “Zold Borostyán” by Hungarian psych-rock heroine, Sarolta Zalatnay (pictured above in all her gorgeous poutiness), Charlie XCX’s spunky “SuperLove,” the Gayletts’ Jamaican take on “Son of a Preacher Man,” Miriam’s new LP Down Today, Sisters Love “Ha Ha Ha” (thank you to Max in New Orleans for introducing me to this one!) and the record I was most excited to play, Brazilian mystery gal Vania Ferreria’s “De Amor Eu Morrerei.” I discovered the Vania record from this exceptional jazz n’ bossa mix put together by my Finnish friend Sampsa Vilhunen. Have a listen to it here: And here’s the Follow that Blonde episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom”: Thank you to all my friends, family, and listeners who so generously opened your wallets to WFMU during this time. I am SO grateful to you all! “Sophisticated Boom Boom” is back on the airwaves this Friday October 16th from 3pm – 6pm (EST) on / 91.1 FM. … Read more

A lil’ help for my radio station WFMU

My dear readers! As most of you know, I recently joined WFMU as a DJ and was given my very own show, Sophisticated Boom Boom which has brought me ENORMOUS joy! After doing the graveyard shift for only two months, I was given a top-notch, first-class slot every Friday from 3-6pm. WFMU is one of the rare independent, freeform (meaning there are no rules, I can play + say whatever I please!), non-corporate radio stations in the country, and thus they rely on listener donations to stay afloat. Funds are verrrrrry short at the moment, so each DJ is running a campaign to try and raise money to keep WFMU on the air! So I come to you all to ask if you would donate a lil’ something to WFMU, however big or small. I promise to give you a shout out on my show! And there is a selection of WFMU swag you can choose from as a thanks for your donation. Here’s the direct link to donate specifically to my show: BIG thanks in advance for whatever you are able to give! xo-Sheila