On last week’s episode of Sophisticated Boom Boom, I played numerous records from the collection of LP Cover Lover—Lebanese Yé-Yé, trippy French psych-pop, Chinese erotic soul, and the HIGHLIGHT, Jewish Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt Sing’s Cantorial Favorites. The previous owner of this LP very generously wrote a review of each song directly on the cover of the record, and described the songs as “This Hot Bag Is a Bitch!” “Fabulously Hip Rocker!” and “Rough & Stomping Baby!” Click on the link below to hear these treasures!


AND the WFMU fundraising marathon is happening now, so please do give generously to keep this fabulously hip, hot bag bitch of a radio station on the air!!! I shall be doing a proper post about the WFMU Marathon tomorrow and how you can get a copy of my latest Japanese girl-pop CD, Go Go! Mini Mini! Ye Ye! compiled exclusively for the WFMU marathon.

Have a listen to “Rough & Stomping Baby!” here!:


p.s. Here are some tasty sleeves from LP Cover Lover.




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