WFMU’s Sophisticated Boom Boom #35 + Upcoming Gigs!

How dreamy is this Honey Ltd. photo? They’re the cover girls for the latest Where the Girls Are: Volume 9, compiled by girl-pop king, Mick Patrick and released by Ace Records. Have a peak at the tracklist here:

For Sophisticated Boom Boom’s “Fancy Meeting You Here” episode, I opened with God-worshipping Czech girls from the Valerie & Her Week of Wonders soundtrack, eerie Icelandic songstress Soley, and dark n’ haunting gems by Vangelis (with Stina Nordenstam), Cranes, Bisan Toron, and Gong. Plus new ones by the Duke Spirit, all-female Hasidic rock band, Bulletproof Stockings (check out this Village Voice piece on Bulletproof Stockings), Starwalker, and Bentcousin.

You can listen to “Fancy Meeting You Here” here!:

This weekend I’ll be gearing up for a double-dose of soul DJing! On Friday March 4th I’ll be spinning at Save Your Soul, Baltimore’s massive soul soiree that everyone has been raving to me about. Enormous thanks to Rob Macy + Brian Gilbert for inviting me on board! And the next night, Saturday March 5th I’ll be joining Phast Phreddie Patterson, Gene Merideth, and Lady Dawn Carrington for the The Subway Soul Club Spring Fling! at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill. The last time I DJ’d Subway Soul was at the much-missed Rififi when I was a lil’ toddler DJ, so most delighted to be back!

See you on the dance floor!


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