The only upside to being bed-ridden for the past four days is getting to spend hours updating my want list, catching up on movies (We Are the Best!, Omar, Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night) and buying records off + Thanks to this very dangerous site that allows those outside Japan to access Japan’s Yahoo Auctions (the ultimate auction site for Japanese vinyl), I am now the proud owner of a 6-CD box set of Japanese erotic girl-pop from the 60s + 70s (with the added bonus of naughty traditional prints on the sleeves), compiled by the Nippon Columbia label in 2000 .

This episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom” is a bit of an odd one because the Paris attacks happened during my show : ( One of my listeners posted the news on the message board just as I was about to go on mic, so I found it very difficult to keep my emotions in check and operate as if it was business as usual. I’m completely incapable of acting in any other way than how I’m feeling, so this episode is a bit more tongue-tied, somber, and shaken-up than usual.

Music-wise, I opened with Keren Ann’s melancholic “L’Onde Amere,” followed by records from Linda Van Dyck with Boo & the BooBoos, Betty Harris’ “Nearer To You” as my tribute to the late Allen Toussaint, Twister Sister’s “I Wanna Rock” (brings back memories of the greatest music video ever made), a new one from Aussie duo Mosquito Coast called “Commotion,” Dolly Parton’s pleading “Busy Signal,” the Cardigan’s cover of “The Boys Are Back in Town,” Del Shannon’s weepy “Colorado Rain,” and more!

Listen to “The Minx” episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom” here:


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