Hello friends! I’ve gotten a little behind on updating Cha Cha Charming with my WFMU “Sophisticated Boom Boom” playlists, so I shall be playing catch-up this week. On “Kitty Up Go” from November 6th, 2015, I opened with what I’ll call the ultimate rejection record. This baffling 45 from 1962 features a man named Monte phoning up girls only to be repeatedly hung up on. It is an absolute delight, and part of my attempt to pioneer the term “rejection record” in hopes of one day creating a genre as widely-known as Northern Soul or freakbeat. I’m always on the lookout for rejection records, so please do send any tips my way!

I also played Santigold’s latest single “Can’t Get Enough of Myself” (which sounds like she’s been listening to a whole lotta William Onyeabor), Irma Thomas’ “Live Again” from 1965 (written by Bacharach + David, and un-released at the time), “Betty” by new LA band the Pom Poms, Ricky Nelson’s brilliant and unexpected “Gypsy Woman” (one of the many records I inherited on my DJ trip to Dallas), the American Breed’s “To Put Up With You,” and the perfect getting-ready-for-a-Friday-night-out track by Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators’ “Feeling Free.”

Listen to the whole “Kitty Up Go” episode here:


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