WFMU’s SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM #19: Swedish Blonde and Japanese Mystery

Last week was Singles Going Steady week on WFMU, where I “adhered slavishly” (as one listener commented) to playing only 45s on the Singles Going Steady episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom.” The 3 hours and 52 45s included my newly purchased copy of Sandra Barry & the Boys’ “Really Gonna Shake.” If you haven’t seen the Scopitone for this, may I suggest you watch it PRONTO. Here’s the link: Also, the Jets’ perfect prom-ballad “You Got It All,” Myrna March’s speedy “I Keep Forgettin’” (miles better than the Chuck Jackson original, me thinks), Quincy Jones’ “Ai No Corrida” (for my mom), Sparkley Betty Barkley’s ultra-cute “My Resistance Is Low,” The Orchids’ “Oo-Chang-A-Lang” (we were very fortunate to have the Orchids’ Georgina Johnstone chime in on the comments board during the show!), a very eery record called “Long Long Gone” by Zena Ayo, and more!  

Listen to the “Singles Going Steady: Swedish Blonde + Japanese Mystery” episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom” here:


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