The Nicky: The Talking Cat record I found at the Record Parlour in Los Angeles was clearly the star of last week’s “Follow that Blonde!” episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom.” Some of the other 51 records I played were “Zold Borostyán” by Hungarian psych-rock heroine, Sarolta Zalatnay (pictured above in all her gorgeous poutiness), Charlie XCX’s spunky “SuperLove,” the Gayletts’ Jamaican take on “Son of a Preacher Man,” Miriam’s new LP Down Today, Sisters Love “Ha Ha Ha” (thank you to Max in New Orleans for introducing me to this one!) and the record I was most excited to play, Brazilian mystery gal Vania Ferreria’s “De Amor Eu Morrerei.” I discovered the Vania record from this exceptional jazz n’ bossa mix put together by my Finnish friend Sampsa Vilhunen. Have a listen to it here:

And here’s the Follow that Blonde episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom”:

Thank you to all my friends, family, and listeners who so generously opened your wallets to WFMU during this time. I am SO grateful to you all!

“Sophisticated Boom Boom” is back on the airwaves this Friday October 16th from 3pm – 6pm (EST) on / 91.1 FM.




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