WFMU Marathon! Go Go! Mini Mini! Ye Ye!

Friends! Feast your eyes on this delectable Japanese illustration of a thigh-high booted mini-skirt-swishing go-go gal—the obvious cover girl for Go Go! Mini Mini! Ye Ye!: Groovy Japanese Girl-Pop 1958-1971, a compilation I put together exclusively for my beloved radio station, WFMU’s fundraising marathon, happening right this minute! The Marathon is how WFMU manages to stay commercial-free, corporate-free, college-free and gloriously independent! We completely rely on listener donations for our survival, so we are at your mercy, my dear readers/ listeners. If you enjoy my show, Sophisticated Boom Boom or many of the other freeform radio programs on WFMU, I ask you to please open your wallets this fundraising season.

If you pledge $75 or more to Sophisticated Boom Boom directly (which I’ll tell you how to do in a minute), you will automatically receive a copy of Go Go! Mini Mini! Ye Ye!, featuring 24 Japanese girl-pop tracks never before released in the West. For those of you that are familiar with my Nippon Girls compilations for Ace Records, I wanna point out that none of the songs on Go Go! Mini Mini! Ye Ye! have been issued on Nippon Girls

I’ll be playing lotsa songs from Go Go! Mini Mini! Ye Ye! during my two marathon shows:

Friday March 11th, 3pm – 6pm EST
Friday March 18th, 3pm – 6pm EST

To pledge directly to Sophisticated Boom Boom:
*Be sure to press the + (Plus) button (right next to where my show name appears) to credit your pledge to my show*
(If you don’t press the + (Plus) button, your donation will not go to my show).

OR call 1-800-989-2368 where operators are standing by 24/7 to take your pledges!

Thanks for supporting Sophisticated Boom Boom and WFMU! See you on the radio!

BIG love,

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