The Pleasure-Enhancing Music Experiment: The End

Friends! I apologize for the disruption in the “Pleasure-Enhancing Musical Experiment.” A few days into the experiment, I realized that my initial plan to re-discover the joy of unearthing new music via a very structured, limited musical diet did indeed reignite the thrill of discovery (success!), but on paper, I thought the experiment just turned into a rather dull list of record reviews (fail!). I’ve also learned that I’m quite terrible at sticking to a set schedule and structure with Cha Cha Charming (as I’ve clearly demonstrated with the very un-weekly “Record of the Week”). I’m still trying to feel my way, and perhaps am realizing that I get the most joy out of writing freely about whatever takes my fancy at the moment. So to hell with structure and consistency! There, I feel better already. 

Thanks to all of you who have asked about my cat Pumpkin. She’s still in quite a precarious situation with an infection that seems to be immune to most anti-biotics. I’ve decided to try some fairly far-out treatments, as I think I’ve pretty much exhausted the traditional routes. Hopefully the “cat whisperer” that I’ll be speaking to on Monday will work some magic.

I had a lovely session at the dentist yesterday, listening to Alan Parsons Project high on laughing gas, whilst having a molar extracted. Hearing “Eye In the Sky” in such a blissful state was well worth today’s extreme soreness and my chipmunk-like appearance. Thankfully being resigned to the couch has meant going through a rather large stash of Ace CDs I received as payment for contributing memorabilia to a forthcoming compilation. I’ve now got my hands on a Zombies box-set, and can promptly continue my Colin Blunstone education. 

Time for ice-cream!

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