The Pleasure-Enhancing Music Experiment: Day Three

Or “How I Plan to Discover New Songs on the Internet + Not Let it Kill My Love of Music”……
Five new songs (no more, no less), five days a week, for 30 days.

Tuesday June 11th

1. From The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits…….
Dave Edmunds: I Hear You Knockin’ (MAM, 1971)
Yes! To discover such rawkin’ records is precisely why I’ve embarked on this musical journey. I know far too little about ’70s glam + power pop, but this makes me wanna discover more! more! more! And search out the Smiley Lewis and Gale Storm versions that came before. 

2. From Lost in the Grooves….
Sagittarius: Musty Dusty (Columbia, 1968)
Reviewer Andrew Hultkrans suggested beginning with “My World Fell Down” off Sagittarius’ Present Tense LP, which I already know and adore. So I thought I’d try out “Musty Dusty,” which Hultkrans very aptly describes as “an unbearingly cloying lullaby to the singer’s childhood toys.” It’s unlikely I’ll find an occasion where I’ll want to hear this again, but I’m most intrigued to hear the rest of the album.

3. My own curiosity….
Empire of the Sun: DNA (EMI, 2013)
If I’d been asked to pick my favorite song of the 21st century so far, it’d unequivocally say “We are the People” by Empire of the Sun. I’m always hoping they’ll make a record that comes just slightly close to the brilliance of “We are the People,” but despite the very promising verse, “DNA” is just plain okay.

4. From Record of the Day……
Half Moon Run: Call Me In the Afternoon (Communion/ Glassnote/ Island, 2013)
I just can’t get my head round that nouveaux-indie-folk voice that seem to be everywhere these days. I blame Mumford & Sons, who Half Moon Run once supported on tour. “Call Me In the Afternoon” has its moments, but that voice… kills me. 

5. From the Billboard charts…..
Anna Kendrick: Cups (Republic, 2012)
I’ve had to venture further away from the top ten, as I just couldn’t bear to hear another Rihanna track or anything by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. “Cups,” a sweet lil’ ditty sung by actress Anna Kendrick, currently sits at #27 and should only be mentioned for its cute video, featuring a diner full of people dancing with cups. 

Songs are chosen from the following five categories.

1. The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits (1955-2009)
2. Lost in the Grooves: Scram’s Capricious Guide to the Music You Missed by Kim Cooper and David Smay (published in 2005)
I bought this brrrrrilliant book when it was first published, read every single mouth-watering recommendation, made lists of everything I wanted to listen to, and then left it on the bookshelf and forgot all about. it. Glad to have found a reason to include it in my pleasure-seeking expedition.
3. My own curiosity
I get to choose this one. Or you can choose for me (recommendations are encouraged so please feel free to post in the comments section or send me an e-mail). 
4. Record of the Day newsletter
I subscribe to this UK-based music biz newsletter, which features a daily clip of up-and-coming artists. Normally I never really bothered listening to the clips, but I shall for the next 30 days.
5. The current Top 40 charts 
I’ve been around long enough to know that most of what makes up the American Top 40 is awful, manufactured, soul-less drivel. But I am ALWAYS hoping to be wrong.

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