Summer Is In Season!

As a fanzine-writing teen, I remember the joy of meeting up with fellow ‘zinesters around the country and comparing notes on music, printing nightmares, and penpals. We would refer to each other by our ‘zine names—I was Sheila Plume. There was Mike Caught In Flux, Lisa Die Right Now, Jen Tease, Gail Chickfactor. It’s been years since I’ve felt that cozy community spirit that was so abundant in the 90s ‘zine world, but a few weekends ago, when I hosted a crew of record collectors + DJs at my monthly party, Sh-Boom, I looked around Our Wicked Lady and realized that that community spirit was very much alive and well in that room—packed with WFMU DJs and friends who, like me, spend much of their lives championing old records. It was such a treat to get to spend proper time with my fellow DJ co-hosts Jason + Stacy Thornton (a dream record-collecting couple who met over one of the sweetest soul records ever made—Doris & Kelley’s “You Don’t Have To Worry.” Too much!!!), Rob Macy (who runs the hugely popular Save Your Soul party in Baltimore), Ty Jesso (host of the Soul Power + Soulelujah parties in Providence + Boston. He had us drooling over what was perhaps the greatest DJ set I have ever heard in my life!), Claire Kalvis (who runs Intoxica Records in London, and is a connoisseur of the sweetest, deepest soul cuts), and my New York crew—Todd-O-Phonic-Todd, Josh Styles, Rebecca Birmingham, and Matt Finewine. 

When the Sh-Boom party details were posted on Facebook, my friend Jimmy Botticelli from Boston wrote: “Go Ty Jesso, Sheila Burgel, and all those who sacrifice to play records for the people. Anyone who doesn’t think it’s hard work better think twice. Pay them what they’re worth….They hunt down crazy records to give you something out of the ordinary. Vive la difference….”

I love that. 

In other news, WFMU is broadcasting live from the Primavera Festival in Barcelona, Spain beginning today Friday June 3rd – Saturday June 4th (click here for the full program), so there will be no Sophisticated Boom Boom this week. But to make it up to you, I’ve made a new DJ mix of all my favorite 45s that I’ve collected over the past year.

If you missed any of the past three episodes of Sophisticated Boom Boom, you can have a listen to them in the archives (links below).


Wild Widow:
I See It, I Like It, I Want It:
Murder My Sweet:

This Saturday June 4th I’m heading to the Jersey shore for the EAST COAST CLASSIC 6: ASBURY!! Weekender and Vintage Scooter Rally, where I’ll be DJing the Saturday night soul party with these talented fellas—Patrick Foisy, Ryan Thomas, + Kurtis Powers. Tickets are available here:

And the following day, Sunday June 5th I’ll be spinning at Jonathan Toubin’s NY Night Train Sunday Soul Scream Rooftop Record Hop (such a regal title!) at Sh-Boom’s home turf—Our Wicked Lady. I will be joined by the king himself, Jonathan Toubin as well as Phast Phreddie (a New York legend who runs the great Boogaloo Bag site detailing all his DJing shenanigans) + 60s garage + R&B specialist Reyes Rodriguez. Kicks off at 5pm and goes into the late evening….

And lastly, please mark your calendars for this month’s Sh-Boom, featuring California’s priestess of psychedelia, Sam Swig, who is one of the premier collectors of Swedish and Turkish psych as well as other international 45s that will keep Sh-Boom swinging from 10pm to 4am. Adding to the sensual atmosphere will be resident go-go girl Anna Copa Cabanna and vintage erotica projections. If the summer heat keeps on giving, we’ll be having Sh-Boom on Our Wicked Lady’s rooftop. I hope you’ll join us!



FRIDAY JUNE 17th, 2016
10PM – 4AM / FREE

153 Morgan Avenue
Bushwick, Brooklyn

Sh-Boom Facebook event page:


NY Night Train Sunday Soul Scream! 

SUNDAY JUNE 5th, 2016

153 Morgan Avenue
Bushwick, Brooklyn

Soul Scream Facebook event page:



East Coast Classic Weekender Soul Night

8 PM

Fifth & Ocean Avenues
Asbury Park, New Jersey

East Coast Classic Facebook event page:


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