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Remember in a recent post I mentioned being invited to audition for a spot on the radio? And how I was waiting to hear back? Well, I got the gig! HURRAY! I now have my very own weekly show on, called “Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B.” (thanks for helping me find the perfect name, Marcos Prado!). It is an attempt to cover the vastness of the girl-pop spectrum with a lil’ bit of leg-room for the occasional man. Every Tuesday morning I rise at 4am and haul 3 hours worth of records to the WFMU Studios, where from 6am – 9am I play whatever my heart desires! Last week I played the Bermudas, Sharon Tandy, Shonen Knife, my recent Margie Mills discovery (“Goodbye Boys, Goodbye”), and two UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS records written by the late Eiichi Ohtaki in the ’80s—“Ame No Wednesday” and Yakushimaru Hiroko’s “Tantei Monogatari.” 

I had never even considered the prospect of radio, which now seems most odd considering how friggin’ thrilling it is to play my records for the world and then to talk about how much and why I love them so. I’m still not all that comfortable with my speaking voice. I was that kid in school who begged teachers not to call on me, and avoided all class presentations, so it’s no wonder I chose a line of work that allows me to avoid public speaking. But perhaps exposing myself to what is probably my #1 fear is a good thing. Time to hang out in my discomfort zone.

You can listen to “Sophisticated Boom Boom” live every Tuesday from 6am – 9am (EST) on or in the archives at any time you choose! So far I’ve got three shows under my belt, which you can check out here:


Cake Is Love / May 19, 2015:

Beware of Young Girls / June 1, 2015:

Land of A Thousand Boys / June 9, 2015:

And here’s the official page for “Sophisticated Boom Boom with Sheila B.”:

Time to pull records for tomorrow’s show….!

6 Responses to Sophisticated Boom Boom on WFMU

  1. Steve Harris says:

    I enjoyed that song Sycamore Trees, by Little Jimmy, that you played the other day. (Well, I enjoy pretty much everything you play.) You have one of the best shows in the country. It’s a real treat listening to the music, and your commentary is both thoughtful and fun. In particular, I like the way you interweave pop music from different countries. Excellent. If a DJ can be an artist, you would certainly be at the top of the heap.

    — Steve

    • admin says:

      WOW, Steve. I’m really touched by your comments. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Sophisticated Boom Boom. Isn’t “Sycamore Trees” so haunting? I’m hoping the return of Twin Peaks means we’ll get more tunes in this style (and hopefully with some soul legends). Thanks again! xo-Sheila

  2. Andy says:

    Shelia B Little old England listening in to your show and LOVIN it. Turkish special especially interesting. It’s a night-time show here! Best Andy

  3. Johnny Stonersonic says:

    Dear ms. B,
    Great show! Not sure if you accept requests but if so please play Sushi Bar by Shoenen Knife. Thanks! Johnny.

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