She Sold Me Magic mix

Sampsa! Vesa! I finally scored a copy of “I Changed My Mind Jack!” I vividly recall my brilliant-record-radar going haywire the night I first heard this record deep down in a Helsinki basement. After a minor freakout over the song being SO FRIGGIN’ AMAZING, I was informed by DJs Vesa Yli-Pelkonen and Sampsa Vilhunen that this Jo Ann Campbell single was exceedingly rare (Swedish-only jukebox 45). Devastating news. Since that evening, I’ve made every attempt to track it down and after keeping a close eye on eBay for three loooooong years, I can finally rest easy knowing that this 45 is now part of my collection. Exhale….!

So, “I Changed My Mind Jack” opens this month’s mix of female freakbeat, soul, R&B, pop, folk-rock, and a little bit of swing. All female-fronted, of course. 

You’ll notice the addition of a MixCloud link at the bottom, which allows me to play DJ in my own home. Also, for those who can’t work my music-player on your phones, iPads, etc., you can listen anywhere, anytime via MixCloud. I highly recommend checking out Sampsa + Vesa’s DJ mixes on MixCloud as well. They are two of the finest DJs I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing decks with. And should you find yourself in Helsinki one day, their “Big Shake” party is not to be missed!


1. Jo Ann Campbell: I Changed My Mind Jack
2. The Chantels: Indian Giver
3. Ann-Margret: Thirteen Men
4. Candi Staton: I’d Rather Be an Old Man’s Sweetheart (Than a Young Man’s Fool)
5. The Exciters: Just Not Ready
6. The Gypsies: Oh I Wonder Why
7. Mary McCarthy: You Know He Did
8. Dee Dee Warwick: It’s Not Fair
9. Dana Valery: You Don’t Know Where Your Interest Lies
10. Marlene & the Debanettes: Earthquake
11. The Debonaires: Eenie, Meenie, Gypsaleenie
12. Nancy Adams: Somebody’s In My Orchard
13. The Glories: No News
14. Bobbie Gentry: Mississippi Delta
15. The Orlons: Don’t You Want My Lovin’
16. The Sequins: Hey Romeo
17. Little Gigi: Take The Bitter With The Sweet
18. Linda Gayle: Got My Mojo Working
19. Mary Sawrey: A Lover’s Plea
20. The Ashes: Is There Anything I Can Do
21. The Fuzz: I Love You For All Seasons
22. Kathy Lynn & The Playboys: I Got A Guy
23. The Raelettes: One Room Paradise
24. Jessie Mae: Don’t Freeze On Me
25. Connie Stevens: Simple Girl



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