My Favorite Record #4

Peggy Lee: Sneakin’ Up On You (Capitol, 1965)

I haven’t even begun to grasp the decades-long, genre-spanning musical career of Peggy Lee. There is a TON of material, and so much of it–whether big band, jazz, or pop–is top-notch. “Sneakin’ Up On You” came out long past her “Fever” prime, when she was 45-years-old, on husband number four, but the detached cool that she sang with remains. Songwriter Chip Taylor called it “a cool sexy little thing,” where Peggy plays a one-eyed cat, stalking her love interest and throwing in a few sultry purrs. Cats popped up in quite a few of Peggy’s songs, most¬†notably on her own co-write,”The Siamese Cat Song,” a hilarious tale of naughty kitties featured on the Lady & the Tramp soundtrack.¬†

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