Palm Springs Mix

Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr., or the Rat Pack, are the logical choices for music to enjoy Palm Springs by. Hotel rooms often come with their Greatest Hits collections, and “Come Fly With Me” is always playing by the pool. I’ve included Sinatra (and daughter) in the mix, and Dean Martin’s country cracker “1200 miles from Palm Springs to Texas,” but I wanted to stay light on the Rat Pack and choose other artists + songs that I think capture the mood of the desert. Todd Rundgren’s “Hello it’s Me” may feel more East Coast , but when it came on as I was speeding past a sea of windmills, I was certain it couldn’t sound better anywhere else. They are the perfect match. As is anything by Claudine Longet. And Diana Dors. Even though she’s so English. 

1. Santo & Johnny: Sleep Walk
2. Frank & Nancy Sinatra: Something Stupid  
3. Diana Dors: Come By Sunday
4. Alan Moorhouse: That’s Nice
5. Priscilla Paris: I Can’t Understand  
6. Dean Martin: It’s 1200 Miles from Palm Springs to Texas
7. Lesley Gore: A Girl In Love
8. The Walter Wanderley Trio: Amanha
9. Claudine Longet: Run Wild, Run Free  
10. Andy Williams: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
11. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood: Summer Wine 
12. Todd Rundgren: Hello It’s Me 
13. Frank Sinatra: Summer Wind  
14. Gale Garnett: We’ll Sing In The Sunshine
15. Billy May & His Orchestra: The Odd Couple
16. Connie Stevens: Lost In Wonderland
17. The Turtles: Happy Together
18. J Girls: Kiro No Sekai
19, The Beach Boys: Darlin’
20. Dean Martin: Standing On The Corner
21. Ann-Margret: Hey, Little Star 
22. Kyoko Okada: Donna Fu Ni
23. Lana Del Rey: Video Games
24. Les Baxter: Hot Summer Night
25. France Gall: Y’A Du Soleil A Ven
26. The Noveltones: Left Bank 2  
27. Bobbie Gentry: Marigolds & Tangerines  
28. Roger Nichols: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

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