On the Radio + 20 Girl-pop Essentials

British vinyl champions and record label, The Vinyl Factory asked me to compile a list of my top 20 sixties girl-pop 45s and to put together an accompanying mix. I steered clear of the girl-pop mega-hits and focused instead on some of my lesser-known favorites (many of which I’ve gushed about on Cha Cha Charming). You can read the list and listen to the mix here. You can also listen to the mix via the Mixcloud widget below.

I’ve gotten a whole lotta love for Nippon Girls 2 so thanks to everyone for the rave reviews + support. Check out this Nippon Girls 2 display at Disk Union Records in Tokyo! Some guy on Twitter suggested I come to Tokyo and throw a “Nippon Girls” party. Yes please! I’d kill to be back on Japanese soil!

Tonight I’ll be spinning an hour-long ’60s girl-pop set with Eilon Paz of Dust & Grooves on the WNYU/ 89.1 FM. You can listen live from their website. http://wnyu.org/



Essential ’60s Girl Pop Mix by Thevinylfactory on Mixcloud

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  1. Paul M says:

    Hey Sheila! Loved your stint on WNYU the other night! I know you ran through the groups you played on air but is there any chance you can post or send me the set list? I’d really like to research a few of them! Thanks in advance! Paul

    • admin says:

      Hey Paul: So glad you enjoyed it! Here’s the tracklist….

      1. J Girls: Ki-iro No Sekai
      2. Artist Unknown: I’m Gonna Destroy That Boy
      3. Tracy Rogers: Baby
      4. Nai Bonet: Jelly Belly
      5. The Whyte Boots: Nightmare
      6. Maxine Darren: How Can I Hide It From My Heart
      7. The Fuzz: I Love You For All Seasons
      8. Stella: Je Ne Me Reconnais Plus Dans La Glace
      9. Ruriko Asaoka: Siam Neko Wo Daite
      10. Akiko Wada: Boy & Girl
      11. Candi Staton: I’d Rather Be An Old Man’s Sweetheart (Than A Young Man’s Fool)
      12. Tina Britt: Who Was That
      13. Nita Rossi: Untrue Unfaithful (That Was You)
      14. Little Frankie: Make-A-Love
      15. Little Clara; Tu N’es Pas Venu
      16. The Starlets: You Don’t Love Me
      17. Dottie Cambridge: He’s About A Mover
      18. Sylvan: We Don’t Belong
      19. Rita Pavone: Il Geghege
      20. Lulu: Try To Understand
      21. Nancy Adams: Somebody’s In My Orchard
      22. Ann Cole: Each Day
      23. France Gall: Chanson Pour Que Tu M’aimes Un Peu
      24. The Fabulettes: Try the Worryin’ Way
      25. Shapes & Sizes: Rain On My Face
      26. Dawn: I’m Afraid They’re All Talking About Me
      27. The Shangri Las: I Can Never Go Home Anymore
      28. Jill Gibson: It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3
      29. Betty Barnes: Requiem (For A Girl Born Of The Wrong Times)
      30. Jan Panter: Scratch My Back

  2. Paul M. says:

    Sheila, thanks so much! I really appreciate it! You should do a podcast…wait, do you a podcast?
    I ordered the 2nd Nippon Girls LP last week…I’m sure it will be as good as the first, though Its too bad you didn’t get the licensing rights to that song you played on the radio. It was killer! Take care and happy holidays!

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