Nippon Girls on Vinyl

In the vinyl-receiving pleasure chart, nothing beats a 12 inch-square package from the UK stuffed with copies of your very own compilation–Nippon Girls: Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova, 1967-1969– in a gatefold sleeve, with a 23-inch square poster, on purple vinyl. It is a compiler’s wet dream. The CD has long been the format-of-choice for most compilations, but thanks to the ever-growing love for vinyl and the surprise success of Nippon Girls on CD, Ace decided it was ripe for a vinyl edition. So here you’ll find 12 highlights from the 25-track original–Jun Mayzumi’s R&B stomper “Black Room,” the ultra-cute “Peacock Baby” by Reiko Ohara, and quite a few of the more dancefloor-friendly cuts (for the DJs averse to CDs and mp3s). For more details, please visit Or purchase from or

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