Mama Spank Mix

Mama Spank is the result of some serious eBay action, digging time, and flipping over records that have been in my collection for ages. Case in point—Irma Thomas’ “Hittin’ On Nothing” (flip of “Ruler of My Heart”) and Dorothy Berry’s “Ain’t That Love” (I’d only ever played “You Better Watch Out”). Of course now I feel the urge to go through every single record to make sure I haven’t neglected more dazzling flips. I remember having this chat with fellow collectors Matt Weingarden and Rebecca Birmingham. They’d asked if I ever checked out the flip of Little Eva’s “The Locomotion.” Nope. They suggested I do, pronto. And so thanks to them I discovered what might be Little Eva’s coolest record—”He Is the Boy,” writtten by Big Dee Irwin and Gerry Goffin. “The Locomotion” may have been one of the first girl-pop 45s I ever purchased, and I never bothered to flip it over. Folks, let this be a stern warning! ; )

I DJ’d recently with Phast Phreddie (New York City’s bossest DJ!) and whilst tag-teaming we got chatting about sharing our favorite vinyl finds and the silliness of covering up records. Just to explain, there are many DJs who cover up the title/ artist of their records to prevent other DJs from tracking down the record + playing it out. I’ve only covered up my records once for a radio show (as I knew Nippon Girls was in the works, and didn’t want to risk any potential for bootlegs). But Phreddie + I basically agreed that the way we discover records is from each other—from dealers, DJs, compilations, Youtube clips. So as much as I understand the desire to claim certain records as your own, chances are that’s just a load of rubbish! (said in my best English accent) So, share the love, I say! And the credit as well! Thanks to Sampsa Vilhunen and Vesa Yli-Pelkonen for introducing me to All Spice’s “Slipped Away,” Bob Stanley for pulling out Chrissy Roberts’ “Something Good” at a record fair and insisting I buy it, Sam Swig for very generously parting ways with her copy of Sonia’s ”Aqui en Mi Nube” (it’s in a very good home : ), and JD Doyle for the mix-tape that included Linda Carr’s fabulous double-sider on Bell.    


Mama Spank Mix by Chachacharming on Mixcloud

1. Margie Mills – Goodbye, Boys, Goodbye
2. The Crystals – I Got A Man
3. LaBrenda Ben & the BelJeans – The Chaperone
4. Joy Holden – Blowing Out the Candles
5. Irma Thomas – Hittin’ On Nothing
6. Helen Shapiro – Stop and You Will Become Aware
7. Carolyn Franklin – I Don’t Want To Lose You
8. Shirley Ellis – Ever See A Diver….
9. Linda Carr – Almost Persuaded
10. All Spice – Slipped Away
11. Dorothy Berry – Ain’t That Love
12. Akiko Wada – Doushaburi No Ame No Naka De
13. Chrissy Roberts – Something Good
14. Della Rae – Happy Day
15. Wanda Jackson – Fallin’
16. Baby Jean – If You Wanna
17. Gloria Brown – Looking For My Baby
18. Patti Drew – Tell Him
19. Sonia – Aqui en Mi Nube
20. Robin Clark – Daddy Daddy (Gotta Get a Phone in My Room)
21. Carol Friday – Gone Tomorrow
22. Judy Carnes – Sock It To Me
23. Stella – J’achete Des Disques Americains
24. Lynette West – This is Where I Came In

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