Lesley Gore interview on Sophisticated Boom Boom 2/19

Hey gang:

It was quite strange to watch last night’s Grammys and get my head around the alarmingly long list of artists we lost in 2015. Lesley Gore was one of those artists and today marks the one year anniversary of her passing. This Friday February 19th, I’ll be paying tribute to Lesley on Sophisticated Boom Boom by airing an interview we did in October 2013 as well as journeying through her extensive 60s + 70s pop catalogue. This interview was never intended for broadcast—it was for a writing assignment. But I thought it wouldn’t be right to keep this interview to myself. 

I remember having a really hard time personally at the time of the interview, and almost dreading having to sit before a woman I so much loved and admired when really, I just wanted to crawl into a hole. But the interview ended up being a real gift. Lesley, too had been going through a hellish period (her apartment had recently burnt down, she was being sued by her landlord), yet listening to her enthuse about “You Don’t Own Me,” working with Bob Crewe and Ellie Greenwich, women’s rights, the moment “It’s My Party” hit the big time….magically made me forget about all of life’s troubles and realize how lucky I was to be speaking to such a creative, intelligent, talented, and fighting spirit! I can’t wait for you all to hear it.

My interview with Lesley Gore airs this Friday February 19th on Sophisticated Boom Boom on WFMU from 3pm – 6pm EST. 



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