I Like London In the Rain Mix

Actually I don’t like London in the rain (the constant drizzle was partly responsible for my moving back to NYC). But I remember being caught in a heavy downpour on a leafy street in King’s Cross, without an umbrella or wellies. There was nowhere to take cover, so I turned up the volume on my ipod and walked home in the rain, resigning myself to getting soaked and feeling oddly liberated. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, there’s nothing like music to enhance the mood of a rainy day.  I actually tried making a summertime mix a couple days ago, and it just wasn’t coming together. It was pouring outside, and Annette’s “Muscle Beach Party” didn’t exactly fit with the cozy feeling being inside during a torrential rainstorm. So I switched to the Satisfactions “Bring It All Down” and took it from there……..

1. The Chiffons: Up On the Bridge
2. Eiichi Otaki: Ame No Wednesday
3. Shapes & Sizes: Rain On My Face
4. Barbara Chandler: How Can I Say No To You?
5. Jacqueline Taieb: Le Printemps A Paris
6. The Sweet Things: Don’t Come Looking For Me
7. Blossom Dearie: I Like London In the Rain
8. Chantal Kelly: Ne Perds Pas Ton Temps
9. Hugh Masekela: Grazing In the Grass
10. Matching Mole: Oh! Caroline
11. Doris: Daisies
12. Francoise Hardy: Comment Te Dire Adieu?
13. Chara: Caramel Milk
14. Idy Lynn: Up In My Mind
15. Billie Davis: Nobody’s Home To Go Home To
16. Brenton Wood: Gimme A Little Sign
17. Barbara Randolph: When It Rains It Pours
18. The Satisfactions: Bring It All Down
19. The Cowsills: The Rain, the Park, and Other Things
20. Heather: I’ll Come Softly
21. Slim Harpo: Rainin’ In My Heart
22. Lady & Bird: Walk Real Slow
23. Lush: Fallin’ In Love
24. Dusty Springfield: I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today
25. Lesley Duncan: Hey Boy
26. James Gang: Ashes, Rain & I

8 Responses to I Like London In the Rain Mix

  1. Andrea O. says:

    Just adore this iconic photo of Francoise. She is so lithe and beautiful, and the rain just can’t touch her…wouldn’t we all like to be her, at this moment.

    • admin says:

      Hey Andrea–So lithe and beautiful indeed. I spent ages looking for photos of a girl with an umbrella, and then remembered this photo of Francoise from one of her EPs. There couldn’t be a more perfect image of beauty + rain. Xo-Sheila

  2. Julio Niño says:

    Beautiful, Sheila. How about “Thank Goodness For The Rain”/ Peanuts (I´m sure you like this one), “Think of Rain”/ Claudine Longet or “The Gentle Rain” by Astrud Gilberto. Rain is a very music-genic topic, isn´t it?

    It´s funny that many people associate Brenton Wood exclusively with “Gimme A Little Sing”, a song not so characteristic of his style. Brenton is an idol in the Lowrider scene, specially for his downtempo songs like “Take a Chance On Me” or ” Best Thing I Ever Have”.

    I have a question for you: How do you like Françoise singing in English? I love it, but of course my english is very poor and I´ve noticed that Anglophone people usually don´t like much her english versions. I have to say that I hate the Spanish versions she did.
    Julio Niño.
    PS: How is Pumpkins?

    • admin says:

      Hi Julio. Funny you mention “Thank Goodness For the Rain,” as I originally had it on there, but felt it was a bit too abrasive for the mood. Thanks for the Claudine Longet + Astrud suggestions. “Gimme a Little Sign” is on constant repeat these days. Haven’t heard the other songs you mention, so will def be checking those out. As for Francoise Hardy, I do like her English versions, but much prefer the French.
      Thanks for asking about Pumpkin. Still working on trying to get her over this major infection. Fingers crossed!

  3. Joab says:

    i came upon you in dust and groove. it’s cool to know you like megadeth. good collection. cool feature in there. i visited your website. check out the mixes. however is there really no download link for these mixes?

    • admin says:

      Hey! I decided against including a link to download the music cos of copyright issues, pain-in-the-ass record labels, etc.

  4. Aldo says:

    Just to congratulate you and tell you that all the music from your mix is beautiful, I’m going to be 60 years old and I have been transported to the past, Actually I enjoyed it, thank you very much Sheila, by the way I’M SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH

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