European DJ Tour Recap!

Rezevici Beach, Budva, Montenegro

Budva, Montenegro was definitely the most intriguing stop on my European tour. It would be my first time in Montenegro, and I would be DJing two nights at an outdoor bar called Casper, which regularly plays host to international DJs throughout the summer months. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about traveling alone as a woman to an unfamiliar part of the world, but my worries were completely unfounded. I was picked up at Dubrovnik airport in Croatia by the unbelievably charming Rade (every question was preceded by, “Tell me, oh beautiful one…”) and his young DJ sidekick Luka, who kept me well entertained the entire 2 hour journey through the mountains.
I was given my own apartment and all the delicious Montengrin white wine I desired, taken to secluded beaches only accessible by boat and to a pebble beach called Rezevici where I sampled 
the tasty local staple of black risotto and cuttlefish. Big thank you to Casper’s head honcho, Marko Pavlovic, for inviting me to Budva + for ensuring I was well looked after. I spent my evenings at Casper, DJing under the moonlight to a warm and receptive crowd—especially a gang of girls who danced by the DJ booth + showered me with love + compliments. As a DJ, you basically have to prepare for every possible obstacle, and on the night of my first gig, the wind gave the turntables a whole lotta trouble. One gust of wind and the tone arm went flying across the record. We used everything at our disposal to try to block the wind, but the wind prevailed. Thankfully the crowd was kind.

These two! Rade + Luka en route from Croatia to Montenegro

The entrance to Casper Bar in the heart of the old city of Budva

DJ Luka warming up the crowd at Casper

Stunning coastal views in Montenegro

Approaching this secluded island by boat just off the coast of Budva

Casper DJ gigs done + dusted! Time for more wine with Casper’s chief, Marko Pavlovic

And that leads me back to where I began—in Copenhagen, the last stop on my European tour. This tour has been one of the greatest highlights of my life and it’s been a treat to share it with you!

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