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Back in 2005 I decided I was going to write a book. I called a friend who worked in publishing and invited her to lunch to pitch my idea. I’m going to write a book about record collectors, I explained. My plan is to travel the world interviewing + photographing death metal collectors from Norway, Northern Soul collectors in the North of England, rockabilly vinyl-heads in the US, you name it. I made an enormous list of potential collectors, bought every single book in existence on record collecting, and began writing up a proper pitch. Then I dropped the idea. Not consciously, but I turned my attention towards other projects and found that the “My Book!” folder on my desktop remained untouched. Years later I stumbled upon Dust & Grooves—”a photography and interview project documenting vinyl collectors” by Israeli photographer Eilon Paz. Of course I wanted it to be terrible so I could avoid all uncomfortable feelings of regret and envy, but no such luck. Dust & Grooves was phenomenal, a visual masterpiece. I’ve seen a lot of photos of record collectors, but none as emotive and beautiful as those taken by Eilon Paz. Given such stunning work, it’s no surprise Dust & Grooves has become such a success. And while it is essentially a celebration of record collectors, it is also very much the heart, vision, and DIY ethos of Eilon.

Eilon and I discovered that we live just around the corner from each other, and I ended up being featured on Dust & Grooves in October 2013. My record collection had been divided between my place in London + my mom’s apartment in NYC for so many years, so it was a treat to have it photographed all together under one roof in Brooklyn. I had assumed my involvement in Dust & Grooves ended there, but later that year Eilon called to see if I’d be interested in editing a coffee table book version of Dust & Grooves. It was difficult not to blurt out an overly giddy “YESSSSS!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! WORKING ON A BOOK ABOUT RECORD COLLECTORS IS EXACTLY WHAT I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO!!!!!!!” but I retained my cool and very professionally asked what the job would entail. Editing a 416-page coffee table book featuring over 130 collectors, as well as essays, forewords, prefaces, and interviews, he explained. Oh, and we only have about a month to get it done. Uhhh… (fact contorts) Suuuure! No problem! Of course scoring my dream gig wasn’t going to be that easy, but I put my editing cap on and we got it done. And I am now extra-delighted to announce that the Dust & Grooves book will be released on Record Store Day—Saturday April 19th, 2014—with a release party at Powerhouse Arena in Dumbo, Brooklyn. There will be copies of the book for sale, drinks, and many of the DJs featured in the book. I’ve posted all the details below.

Hope to see you there!



DUST & GROOVES: Adventures in Record Collecting – Book Launch!

Saturday, April 19 — Record Store Day. 6 pm to 10:30pm
Powerhouse Arena37 Main St, Brooklyn, New York, 11201


4pm (pre-launch event) – A special afternoon edition of Classic Album Sundays with a listening session of Quincy Jones’ album Walking In Space.
6pm – The party kicks off with rotating sets from over 20 DJs who are featured in the book, spinning all vinyl, and will continue through ’til the end of the event. A photo exhibition of 40 select photographs from the book will be displayed in the gallery.
7pm – Book signing by author Eilon Paz.
8pm – Raffle of sponsors’ premiums. Will include limited-edition vinyl sets, limited-edition autographed books, vinyl bags, and more.
10:30pm – After party! [Location TBD]

Facebook Event link: http://on.fb.me/1dVVuKO

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