Breakfast In Bed Mix

I recall pissing off an ex-boyfriend with deafening dance-pop at 7:30am. He said it was far too early for such brash sounds. Now I agree. I would’ve loved to include the Neon Philharmonic’s “Morning Girl” (at least for the line “Put your dreams away and read your box of Cheerios”), but that damn keyboard intro is an instant mellow-killer. Morning music should ease you into the day, gently. Cozy, warm, ethereal. No sudden thuds of a kick drum. A tempo slow and easy. Never too loud a chorus. Basically the opposite of those “Wake Up Boo!”-esque, shouty “gett outta bed and get to work!!!” motivational monstrosities. I took extra special care to ensure that the mood is mellow throughout. And by the time you get to the Byrds’ “Draft Morning,” you’ll be awake enough to enjoy the fuzzy psych-rock breakdown. I avoided a few obvious ones (The Commodores “Easy”) and didn’t want to strictly choose songs with “morning” in the title. The Bee Gees “Charade” references summer nights, but I think it works equally well in the early hours. And I’ve always thought the Pixies “Ana” sounds best at sunrise. I recommend anywhere between 6am and 9am as ideal listening times.

1. Bobbie Gentry: Morning Glory
2. Brigitte Bardot: Le soleil  
3. Frank Sinatra: In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
4. Kaori Kumi: Kami Ga Yurete Iru
5. Bee Gees: Charade 
6. Saint Etienne: Sun In My Morning 
7. Ennio Morricone: Immagini Del Tempo
8. Billie Holiday: Good Morning, Heartache  
9. Otis Redding: Cigarettes and Coffee
10. Keren Ann: In Your Back
11. John Barry: Try
12. Romy Schneider and Michel Piccoli: La Chanson D’Helene
13. Margo Guryan: Love Songs
14. Judie Tzuke: Stay With Me Till Dawn
15. Dusty Springfield: Just A Little Lovin’
16. Stan Getz: Aguas de Marco
17. Gilbert O’Sullivan: Alone Again (Naturally)
18. Lori Balmer: Here Before the Sun
19. Jeanette: Corazon De Poeta
20. Pixies: Ana
21. The Alan Parsons Project: Time
22. The Byrds: Draft Morning
23. Henry Mancini: Moon River
24. Vashti: Train Song