Big Bush Sound Mix

British session gals Sue & Sunny give us the wonderfully titled “Big Bush Sound,” which is sadly not an ode to pubic hair but a rather grand jingle for the Bush brand—maker of stereo equipment. There are quite a few Brit Girls on this mix—Kim D., Jacki Bond, and Janice Nichols, whose “I’ll Give It Five” boasts some truly ridiculous lyrics (“I love Elvis and his pelvis”). I thought I’d pretty much completed my Brit girl 45 collection, but Sandra Bryant’s storming “Out To Get You” proved me very wrong. I picked up Erma Franklin’s “I Don’t Want No Mama’s Boy” at the Allentown Record Fair, which I hear is pretty tough to track down so I thank my trusty dealer Barry Soltz for the very reasonable price tag. I had to resist including some of my new Japanese ’60s favorites, as they will be making up the second volume of Nippon Girls, out on Ace Records in September. But I think you’ll agree that Chie Sawa’s early ’70s “Janisu No You Ni” and Kiyoko Ito’s cover of “O Ganso” are pretty fab. I had planned on dishing out a few more deets on this latest mix, but I’m about to do a live interview on Huffington Post for the release of the Dust & Grooves book, so must start preparing for that. If you’re in the New York area, join us for the book release party this Saturday April 19th (Record Store Day!) at Powerhouse Arena in Dumbo, Brooklyn. You can find the full details here:

 Enjoy the mix!


1. Nai Bonet: Jelly Belly
2. Erma Franklin: I Don’t Want No Mama’s Boy
3. Sue & Sunny: Big Bush Sound
4. Chie Sawa: Janis No You Ni
5. Hide & Rosanna: Midnight Bossa Nova
6. Stella: Pourquoi Pas Moi
7. Jacki Bond: He Say
8. Ann-Margret: Someday Soon
9. Michiko Hamamura: Tontenkan Rock
10. Helen Merrill: Arcangeli Twist
11. Nancy Wilson: Smack Dab In the Middle
12. Kim D.: Come On Baby
13. The Tony Hatch Sound: Live for Life
14. Chris Clark: I Just Wanna Be Lovin’ You
15. Gert Wilden & His Orchestra: Schulmadchen Report 1-13
16. Kiyoko Ito: O Ganso
17. The Jellybeans: You Don’t Mean Me No Good
18. Bernadette: L’Oeil
19. Sandra Bryant: Out To Get You
20. Tommie Young: That’s All A Part of Loving Him
21. Janice Nichols: I’ll Give It Five
22. Sylvie Vartan: Ne T’en Vas Pas
23. The Satisfactions: Bring It All Down

Big Bush Sound mix – DJ Sheila B. by Chachacharming on Mixcloud

6 Responses to Big Bush Sound Mix

  1. Nicolas Aguirre says:

    Hello Sheila,
    Love your playlists. They force me to buy so many records ! Concerning this, i’ve got a very very very important question : where did you get Helen Merrill: Arcangeli Twist and on wich record can i find it ?
    Thanks and congratulations from Paris

    • admin says:

      Hi Nicolas: Haha… so glad to hear my mixes are inspiring lots of record-buying! “Arcangeli Twist” is off the Gli Arcangeli soundtrack by Sandro Brugnolini. I think the original is impossible to find, and I have a reissue from Dejavu Records, 2004. I think Jonny Trunk may have a reissue of this soundtrack as well. In fact, here’s a link for you!
      p.s. I may be coming to Paris to DJ in a few weeks (it’s not definite yet), so will post the details here if it happens.

  2. Kevin Birchall says:

    Wow another brilliant mix Sheila. Love the Sandra Bryant, new to me now on the list as is Nancy Wilson , god she’s done some great records. Love the helen Merrill record too & Gert Wilden so a few added to the list. Thank you Kev…..Ready Steady Girls x

    • admin says:

      Thank you Kevin! And also for spreading the word about “Cha Cha Charming” on your Ready, Steady, Girls facebook page. I’ll definitely keep a look out for that Sandra Bryant record for you + I think the Nancy Wilson is a pretty easy one to find. xo-Sheila

  3. Ian Chapman says:

    Hi Sheila!

    Nice to see Janice Nicholls included in the mix. She lives near me and I once went over to interview her for ‘Girl Zone’, the Decca Girls CD. She was so sweet and down to earth – she’d met just about every pop act of the early 60s, both British and American, but was totally unfazed by it all.

    Sue & Sunny’s ‘Big Bush Sound’ is a great little curiosity – have you heard the Breakaways’ stompy ‘Keep Going Well, Keep Going Shell’ jingle?

    Looking forward to the second Nippon Girls set – oh, those memories of Tokyo!

    • admin says:

      Hello Ian: Always nice to hear from you! I discovered Janice’s “I’ll Give It Five” from your brrrrrrriliant Brit girl compilation (one of my all-time favorite comps). I was hoping that adorable “my voice is crummy” ending would be on the original 45, but guess that came from the master tape, huh? The lyrics are hilarious! Glad to hear she’s such a sweetheart. I haven’t heard the Breakaways track you mention. I’ll be youtube-ing that in just a sec! Thanks for the tip!

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