Bebe ’67 Mix

I was recently invited to contribute to the monthly mixtape site, The Mixtape Club. I started with a mix I called “Girls Who Wear Black” and dug out all my darkest, moodiest girl group records (The Whyte Boots’ “Nightmare,” Jamie Carter’s “The Boy With the Way,” Betty Barnes “Requiem (For a Girl Born of the Wrong Times)”) but couldn’t really connect with such heavy gloom. So instead I picked out the records I felt like listening to at that moment—the Ann Cole 45 I just scored on eBay, Claudine Longet’s wintery “Run Wild, Run Free” (David Whitaker’s original instrumental is worth seeking out as well), and Little Joe & the Thrillers’ “Peanut,” first introduced to me by my friend Bob Stanley. This song is featured on his latest compilation for Cherry Red—Songs For a Central Park Picnic. It has become one of my favorite compilations, and when I first played it for my mom, she demanded I order her five extra copies pronto!

I’m hard at work on a holiday mix as well, so will post that next week!

In the meantime, you can have a listen to my “Bebe ’67” mix by clicking on the link below.

Listen to: Bebe ’67 on The Mixtape


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