A lil’ help for my radio station WFMU

My dear readers!

As most of you know, I recently joined WFMU as a DJ and was given my very own show, Sophisticated Boom Boom which has brought me ENORMOUS joy! After doing the graveyard shift for only two months, I was given a top-notch, first-class slot every Friday from 3-6pm.

WFMU is one of the rare independent, freeform (meaning there are no rules, I can play + say whatever I please!), non-corporate radio stations in the country, and thus they rely on listener donations to stay afloat. Funds are verrrrrry short at the moment, so each DJ is running a campaign to try and raise money to keep WFMU on the air!

So I come to you all to ask if you would donate a lil’ something to WFMU, however big or small. I promise to give you a shout out on my show! And there is a selection of WFMU swag you can choose from as a thanks for your donation.

Here’s the direct link to donate specifically to my show:


BIG thanks in advance for whatever you are able to give!


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