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Spectacular freeform, non-commercial, listener-supported radio since 1958, and home to my show, “Sophisticated Boom Boom” on Friday afternoons from 3-6pm EST.

Cue Castanets!

Following in the tradition of Philately fanzine and PSAS, this Swedish “Wall of Sound” devotee dishes out his favorite Spector sound-a-likes, interviews writers, producers, and Spector fans, and offers a consistent place on the web for “in-depth writing on Spector’s forays in the studio.”

Ace Records

British reissue label renowned for unearthing long-lost gems and stellar pop hits from the ’50s-’80s. Home to my Japanese girl-pop compilations Nippon Girls, as well as to Chartbusters, Where the Girls Are, the Songwriters Series, and so many more of the finest compilations put together by music lovers + aficionados.

Dust & Grooves

This photographic tribute to record collectors worldwide began as a website by Israeli photographer Eilon Paz, and has since evolved into an enormous 436-page coffee table book featuring 130 vinyl collectors and their collections. I am most delighted to be one of the collectors featured in Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting, and I also edited the book.

Boogaloo Bag

New York’s vibrant sixties scene is due in part to the sounds + enthusiasm of Phast Phreddie, aka Boogaloo Omnibus, who can be found hosting Dynagroove at Teddy’s in Williamsburg, guest-DJing at numerous ’60s parties (Subway Soul Club, Smashed! Blocked!), and promoting all record-collecting-related activities in the NY area. E-mail earlbostic (at) to join his mailing list.

ARChive of Contemporary Music

The aforementioned Phast Phreddie also works at the ARChive of Contemporary Music, a music archive + library that houses it 2-million plus collection of records, CDs, books, and memoribilia in downtown Manhattan. Members + fans regularly update their blog with news of record sales, events, and music finds!

Project Thirty-Three

A shrine to vintage album covers designed by lovers of dots, circles, squares, and rectangles. A modernist’s wet dream! 

Norton Records

New York-based record label Norton, took a heavy hit from Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed much of its back catalogue housed in their Red Hook warehouse. This couldn’t be a better time to support this 27-year-old label and check out their large array of garage, rock n’ roll, rockabilly, and most importantly, Shangri Las + Mary Weiss records!

Saint Etienne

Home of modernist pop group, Saint Etienne.