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Support Sophistication!

Photo credit: Jeff Moore Every Friday afternoon from 3pm-6pm EST on WFMU, I am given the opportunity to curate three hours of girl-pop from all periods and postcodes, to spread the word on new female artists, to follow Jayne Mansfield with Twisted Sister, and to be a part of this rare radio community where DJs are cheered for playing 40 different versions of “Eleanor Rigby” in a single show (as Surface Noise host Joe McGasko did on October 30, 2014). But running a radio station that allows for such freedom and flexibility is a very costly affair. WFMU is one of the rare stations that is free of the three big Cs—commercials, corporations, and colleges. And thus for two weeks of the year we host the Fundraising Marathon, during which we solicit donations from WFMU’s lovely listeners to help keep us alive and thriving.  If you enjoy Sophisticated Boom Boom or any of the other fabulous programming on WFMU, can I ask that you make a donation? Your support is vital to our survival. You can donate directly to Sophisticated Boom Boom by clicking on the link below: A pledge of … Read more