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European DJ Tour Recap!

I spent the final night of my 2-week European tour DJing with Coconut Jim at Brass Monkey, a beautiful low-lit, bamboo-covered tiki bar in Copenhagen. And I remember this specific moment—when Coconut Jim played Ted Taylor’s “Somebody’s Always Trying” and a gang of us danced together in the tight spaces between the tables and chairs. I thought, this is a record I’ve heard in New York, Helsinki, London, Boston, Baltimore, LA, and now Copenhagen. This lil’ soul record from 1964! Unknown to the majority of the world, yet cherished and adored by a select few music lovers and record collectors, and played at soul parties across the globe. And that really summed up the magic of spending two weeks traversing the European continent, meeting folks in London, Helsinki, Budva (Montenegro), Copenhagen, and Paris, who, like me, love digging up old records and sharing them with the people. DJ Coconut Jim sorting his 45s at Brass Monkey, Copenhagen Joining me on that final night of my tour was Mick Patrick and Phil Chapman (who had flown over from London), my fellow Danish girl group lovers Peter Andreasen + Per Frederkisen, Sofie Jekel, who used … Read more