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Love Hit Me!

It was the 60s British Beat Girl that changed my life forever. I had moved from New York to London with dream-pop in my eyes, but found a city under the spell of Oasis versus Blur. I was 18 years old, living on my own, and spending my evenings glued to the sleevenotes of Sequel Records’ Here Come the Girls series, which compiled 1960s British girl-pop 45s on the Pye label. I found solace in regular trips to the record shops on Hanway Street, Intoxica on Portobello, Beanos in Croydon, and weekend expeditions to big and small-town record fairs, where I picked up pink Pyes, blue & silver Deccas, black Columbias—all 60s Brit-girl 45s—my first true love. Reissue label RPM Records then launched their own tribute to the 60s British beat girl—the Dream Babes series, by which time I had pretty much dedicated every waking hour to the pursuit of these fine fine 45s.  Both Here Come the Girls and Dream Babes packed up long ago, but Here Come the Girls founder Mick Patrick (now of Ace Records) decided it was time once again to turn the spotlight on the many … Read more

Good Evening From My Sick Bed

Too much WFMU marathon heat (and back-to-back Megadeth gigs) has left me with a hellish flu and a high fever. So I’ll have to miss both my beloved boom-booms tomorrow—Sophisticated Boom Boom and SH-BOOM. As if missing one wasn’t harsh enough. Ouch! But you’ll be in the very capable hands of Josh Styles, Todd-O-Phonic Todd, and Anna Copa Cabanna at SH-BOOM, which is Friday March 25th from 10pm – 4am at Our Wicked Lady, 153 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn. Josh n’ Todd will be spinning tasteful, upstanding records like “Music For Orgies” and “Sex Match” as well 60s girl groups, freakbeat, garage, soul, popcorn, and instrumentals to keep the dancefloor swinging! Here’s a link to the Facebook event page: And ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ host Julie B. will be filling in for me tomorrow Friday March 25th from 3pm – 6pm on 91.1 FM + In other news, WFMU made its $1.2 million goal, so thank you so much to all of you for your generous donations and help in keeping freeform radio alive! When I asked my mom what she thought of my two marathon shows, she replied, “You … Read more

WFMU Marathon! Go Go! Mini Mini! Ye Ye!

Friends! Feast your eyes on this delectable Japanese illustration of a thigh-high booted mini-skirt-swishing go-go gal—the obvious cover girl for Go Go! Mini Mini! Ye Ye!: Groovy Japanese Girl-Pop 1958-1971, a compilation I put together exclusively for my beloved radio station, WFMU’s fundraising marathon, happening right this minute! The Marathon is how WFMU manages to stay commercial-free, corporate-free, college-free and gloriously independent! We completely rely on listener donations for our survival, so we are at your mercy, my dear readers/ listeners. If you enjoy my show, Sophisticated Boom Boom or many of the other freeform radio programs on WFMU, I ask you to please open your wallets this fundraising season. If you pledge $75 or more to Sophisticated Boom Boom directly (which I’ll tell you how to do in a minute), you will automatically receive a copy of Go Go! Mini Mini! Ye Ye!, featuring 24 Japanese girl-pop tracks never before released in the West. For those of you that are familiar with my Nippon Girls compilations for Ace Records, I wanna point out that none of the songs on Go Go! Mini Mini! Ye Ye! have been issued on Nippon Girls.  I’ll be … Read more


On last week’s episode of Sophisticated Boom Boom, I played numerous records from the collection of LP Cover Lover—Lebanese Yé-Yé, trippy French psych-pop, Chinese erotic soul, and the HIGHLIGHT, Jewish Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt Sing’s Cantorial Favorites. The previous owner of this LP very generously wrote a review of each song directly on the cover of the record, and described the songs as “This Hot Bag Is a Bitch!” “Fabulously Hip Rocker!” and “Rough & Stomping Baby!” Click on the link below to hear these treasures! AND the WFMU fundraising marathon is happening now, so please do give generously to keep this fabulously hip, hot bag bitch of a radio station on the air!!! I shall be doing a proper post about the WFMU Marathon tomorrow and how you can get a copy of my latest Japanese girl-pop CD, Go Go! Mini Mini! Ye Ye! compiled exclusively for the WFMU marathon. Have a listen to “Rough & Stomping Baby!” here!: xo-Sheila p.s. Here are some tasty sleeves from LP Cover Lover.

WFMU’s Sophisticated Boom Boom #35 + Upcoming Gigs!

How dreamy is this Honey Ltd. photo? They’re the cover girls for the latest Where the Girls Are: Volume 9, compiled by girl-pop king, Mick Patrick and released by Ace Records. Have a peak at the tracklist here: For Sophisticated Boom Boom’s “Fancy Meeting You Here” episode, I opened with God-worshipping Czech girls from the Valerie & Her Week of Wonders soundtrack, eerie Icelandic songstress Soley, and dark n’ haunting gems by Vangelis (with Stina Nordenstam), Cranes, Bisan Toron, and Gong. Plus new ones by the Duke Spirit, all-female Hasidic rock band, Bulletproof Stockings (check out this Village Voice piece on Bulletproof Stockings), Starwalker, and Bentcousin. You can listen to “Fancy Meeting You Here” here!: This weekend I’ll be gearing up for a double-dose of soul DJing! On Friday March 4th I’ll be spinning at Save Your Soul, Baltimore’s massive soul soiree that everyone has been raving to me about. Enormous thanks to Rob Macy + Brian Gilbert for inviting me on board! And the next night, Saturday March 5th I’ll be joining Phast Phreddie Patterson, Gene Merideth, and Lady Dawn Carrington for the The Subway Soul Club Spring Fling! at … Read more