Monthly Archives: January 2016

SH-BOOM! Friday January 15th!

Happy New Year! It’s been a strange start to 2016—wildly oscillating winter temperatures (yesterday 60 degrees, today 25), forever-flus, and the departure of our truest heroes—Lemmy from Motorhead (he passed on December 28th, but close enough), André Courrèges, and today—so unexpectedly—David Bowie. Sadness is in the air. It feels like we humans could all do with pressing the pause button, or perhaps a month-long hibernation. That said, my intention with this post is to alert you to my upcoming party this Friday January 15th, so please disregard my mournful, sinus-infected words above. Perhaps the actual solution to January’s losses and blues is to gather together in a hot n’ sweaty setting whilst Radley Metzger’s erotic masterpieces transform concrete walls into psycho-sexual eye-candy, go-go girl Anna Copa Cabanna seduces with the swish of her hips, and we—DJs Josh Styles, Todd-O-Phonic-Todd, and me—soundtrack the naughtiness with our most delectable vintage 45s. If it’s anything like last month’s Sh-Boom, I promise that it will be something. Hope to see you there! xo-Sheila Facebook event page: