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WFMU’s SOPHISTICATED BOOM BOOM #19: Swedish Blonde and Japanese Mystery

Last week was Singles Going Steady week on WFMU, where I “adhered slavishly” (as one listener commented) to playing only 45s on the Singles Going Steady episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom.” The 3 hours and 52 45s included my newly purchased copy of Sandra Barry & the Boys’ “Really Gonna Shake.” If you haven’t seen the Scopitone for this, may I suggest you watch it PRONTO. Here’s the link: Also, the Jets’ perfect prom-ballad “You Got It All,” Myrna March’s speedy “I Keep Forgettin’” (miles better than the Chuck Jackson original, me thinks), Quincy Jones’ “Ai No Corrida” (for my mom), Sparkley Betty Barkley’s ultra-cute “My Resistance Is Low,” The Orchids’ “Oo-Chang-A-Lang” (we were very fortunate to have the Orchids’ Georgina Johnstone chime in on the comments board during the show!), a very eery record called “Long Long Gone” by Zena Ayo, and more!   Listen to the “Singles Going Steady: Swedish Blonde + Japanese Mystery” episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom” here: xo-Sheila


My attempt to use “Sophisticated Boom Boom” as a way to purge myself of last week’s blues worked! The WFMU radio cure consisted of 1) venting my sadness + frustration on the airwaves, 2) setting it aflame with Megadeth’s “Set the World Afire,” 3) self-soothing with Linda Scott’s “I’ve Told Every Little Star” 4) sharing my 2nd grade dirty magazine story, 5) returning to a joyful and balanced state thanks to records both new—Jane Weaver, Tame Impala, Khruangbin, the Duke Spirit—and old—Kirsty MacColl’s “Fifteen Minutes” (the record I was most excited to play!), the Monkees “As We Go Along,” the Donnas, Nicole Atkins, the Bad Habits “Night Owl” (thanks to the two New Orleans DJs who played this at the Ponderosa Stomp + BLEW MY MIND!), and MORE MORE MORE! Listen to the “Evil Gal Blues” episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom” here: xo-Sheila


The Nicky: The Talking Cat record I found at the Record Parlour in Los Angeles was clearly the star of last week’s “Follow that Blonde!” episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom.” Some of the other 51 records I played were “Zold Borostyán” by Hungarian psych-rock heroine, Sarolta Zalatnay (pictured above in all her gorgeous poutiness), Charlie XCX’s spunky “SuperLove,” the Gayletts’ Jamaican take on “Son of a Preacher Man,” Miriam’s new LP Down Today, Sisters Love “Ha Ha Ha” (thank you to Max in New Orleans for introducing me to this one!) and the record I was most excited to play, Brazilian mystery gal Vania Ferreria’s “De Amor Eu Morrerei.” I discovered the Vania record from this exceptional jazz n’ bossa mix put together by my Finnish friend Sampsa Vilhunen. Have a listen to it here: And here’s the Follow that Blonde episode of “Sophisticated Boom Boom”: Thank you to all my friends, family, and listeners who so generously opened your wallets to WFMU during this time. I am SO grateful to you all! “Sophisticated Boom Boom” is back on the airwaves this Friday October 16th from 3pm – 6pm (EST) on / 91.1 FM. … Read more

A lil’ help for my radio station WFMU

My dear readers! As most of you know, I recently joined WFMU as a DJ and was given my very own show, Sophisticated Boom Boom which has brought me ENORMOUS joy! After doing the graveyard shift for only two months, I was given a top-notch, first-class slot every Friday from 3-6pm. WFMU is one of the rare independent, freeform (meaning there are no rules, I can play + say whatever I please!), non-corporate radio stations in the country, and thus they rely on listener donations to stay afloat. Funds are verrrrrry short at the moment, so each DJ is running a campaign to try and raise money to keep WFMU on the air! So I come to you all to ask if you would donate a lil’ something to WFMU, however big or small. I promise to give you a shout out on my show! And there is a selection of WFMU swag you can choose from as a thanks for your donation. Here’s the direct link to donate specifically to my show: BIG thanks in advance for whatever you are able to give! xo-Sheila