Monthly Archives: August 2015

Holy Moly

Perhaps this quiet, sweltering Saturday in Tel Aviv (when most shops close and public transportation shuts down) is a good time to lounge around my Jaffa Air B’n’B and do some reflecting n’ writing. I’m one week into this exhilarating, eye-opening 2-week stay in Israel (which began with my being detained at Ben Gurion airport immigration for more than five hours). Israel’s ancient, religious, spiritual, militaristic, open, extreme, dizzying n’ disorienting energy hits you hard and fast, and I feel like I’ve been on some sort of crazy high since the moment I arrived. The reaction to my visiting Israel has been unsurprisingly mixed—“Why are you visiting Israel if you’re not Jewish?” “Boycott Israel, free Palestine!” “It’s the most amazing place in the world!” “You won’t like it at all.” “You’re going to feel so at home given your Middle Eastern background.” I’m doing my best to tune out the noise and just see and feel it for myself. One thing that strikes me the most is the open-ness of the people. There’s no ice to break! No guards up! What I’ve seen so far in Israel is lots of … Read more