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Crayons To Perfume: An Interview with Glynis Ward

Girl group enthusiast, record collector, writer, and DJ Glynis Ward has been championing her favorite ‘60s (and modern) garage, girl group, + psych records for years via various fanzines, books, events, and—most recently—Crayons To Perfume, a weekly internet radio show on WFMU Ichiban dedicated to ’50s + ’60s girl-pop. I had actually interviewed her for Cha Cha Charming back in 1998 (when Cha Cha was a print fanzine), but somehow I never got around to publishing it. I reconnected with Glynis recently and got the scoop on Crayons To Perfume, her favorite records to DJ, and the most prized 45 in her collection. Where do you think your love of the ’60s comes from? I grew up at the very tail end of the ’60s, so I was exposed to the fashion, and much of the music. When we visited Swingin’ London in 1968, my mom made the three of us matching mod plaid pant suits! Being Canadian, our radio had (and still has) a Canadian content requirement so I got to hear a lot of local ’60s garage bands on the radio too. If you look back at all the wonderful things you’ve … Read more

Sh-Boom with Sampsa Vilhunen!

Sampsa Vilhunen—Sh-Boom’s special guest DJ from Helsinki, Finland has touched down on US soil, and will be joining me at this Friday’s Sh-Boom at Baby’s All Right in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Sampsa + his DJ partner Vesa Yli-Pelnonen run a titty-shaking club night in Helsinki called Big Shake, where they spin R&B, doowop, surf, popcorn, mambo, rock n’ roll, Northern Soul + jump blues. They invited me over to DJ Big Shake in June 2011, and I remember thinking at the time that no other DJ gig will ever top this one. And I was right! It’s where I first heard Jo Ann Campbell’s “I Changed My Mind Jack” and so many new + exciting sounds spun by Sampsa + Vesa. The crowd was enormous and ultra-enthusiastic, and the club put my name up in lights! The post-Big Shake crowd spilling onto the streets in the bright 4am sunshine only added to the surreal thrill of it all. This is Sampsa’s first time to the states, so I’m super-psyched that he’ll be joining me at this month’s Sh-Boom! You can find all the event details here: Sampsa + Vesa recently contributed a … Read more