Monthly Archives: April 2014

Big Bush Sound Mix

British session gals Sue & Sunny give us the wonderfully titled “Big Bush Sound,” which is sadly not an ode to pubic hair but a rather grand jingle for the Bush brand—maker of stereo equipment. There are quite a few Brit Girls on this mix—Kim D., Jacki Bond, and Janice Nichols, whose “I’ll Give It Five” boasts some truly ridiculous lyrics (“I love Elvis and his pelvis”). I thought I’d pretty much completed my Brit girl 45 collection, but Sandra Bryant’s storming “Out To Get You” proved me very wrong. I picked up Erma Franklin’s “I Don’t Want No Mama’s Boy” at the Allentown Record Fair, which I hear is pretty tough to track down so I thank my trusty dealer Barry Soltz for the very reasonable price tag. I had to resist including some of my new Japanese ’60s favorites, as they will be making up the second volume of Nippon Girls, out on Ace Records in September. But I think you’ll agree that Chie Sawa’s early ’70s “Janisu No You Ni” and Kiyoko Ito’s cover of “O Ganso” are pretty fab. I had planned on dishing out a … Read more

My Favorite Record #10

Chako & Applies: Anata Ga Ichiban (Minoruphone, 1969) [Please note that the song can take a few seconds to load] For the month of March I instituted a self-imposed ban on buying non-essential items. Although I fell off the wagon just once (DJ Shakey’s 45s record fair… I couldn’t resist!), I did find that depriving myself of regular vinyl purchases meant spending more time with the records I already own. There’s a tendency as a record collector to feel that you never have enough—if I could only locate the Crystals’ “I Got A Man” 45 and any of Margaret Mandolph’s Planetary singles (seriously, I REALLY need these records!) then I promise I’ll be satisfied! But I’ve said that about pretty much every record I own, and having the 45 in my possession did nothing to relieve the hunger. So a record-shopping ban was perhaps the only way to force myself to appreciate what I have. It also prompted a new project—to go through each and every A-side and B-side in my collection, in hopes that I may have missed a winner or three. I’ve started with my ’60s Japanese girl-pop 45s, … Read more