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Dust & Grooves Book

Back in 2005 I decided I was going to write a book. I called a friend who worked in publishing and invited her to lunch to pitch my idea. I’m going to write a book about record collectors, I explained. My plan is to travel the world interviewing + photographing death metal collectors from Norway, Northern Soul collectors in the North of England, rockabilly vinyl-heads in the US, you name it. I made an enormous list of potential collectors, bought every single book in existence on record collecting, and began writing up a proper pitch. Then I dropped the idea. Not consciously, but I turned my attention towards other projects and found that the “My Book!” folder on my desktop remained untouched. Years later I stumbled upon Dust & Grooves—”a photography and interview project documenting vinyl collectors” by Israeli photographer Eilon Paz. Of course I wanted it to be terrible so I could avoid all uncomfortable feelings of regret and envy, but no such luck. Dust & Grooves was phenomenal, a visual masterpiece. I’ve seen a lot of photos of record collectors, but none as emotive and beautiful as those … Read more

Lesley Gore’s Girl Talk

When I visited Lesley Gore in her new pad on the Upper East Side, she was still reeling from a fire that burned down the apartment she had lived in for many years. “I’m only just beginning to feel like I’m coming out of a dark, seriously ugly time,” she said, explaining that what remained of her belongings was still in storage and that she was still hard at work getting her new apartment in order. Despite enduring what she considers the toughest year of her life, she credits the fire with giving her a “good kick in the butt” and focusing her on a number projects she had put on the back burner—including writing her memoirs. “There’s no question that it’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you deal with it,” she said.  I was on assignment from Ace Records, who was reissuing her Girl Talk album from 1964, along with 13 bonus tracks. I brought my Girl Talk LP with me, and handed it to Lesley hoping she could take me back to that time. She went through each track, highlighting Van McCoy’s “You’ve Come Back” as … Read more