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Girl Group Weekend

When the Cookies’ Margaret Ross took the stage at BB Kings Blues Club & Grill as part of the “Girl Group Sound Spectacular,” the teenage girl sitting next to us jumped to her feet and let out a piercing “YEAAHHHHH GRANDMA!!!!” How wild, I thought, for this young girl to be watching her 71-year-old grandma sing the songs of her teenage years, fifty years after the peak of her career, to a crowd barely able to contain their excitement. The girl group sound, despite moving further and further away from its heyday, seems to be transitioning from the record-collecting fringes to the mainstream. I remember hosting a girl group party for a ’60s music collective called Spectropop back in 2003. It was an intimate affair, mostly consisting of die-hard girl group aficionados, Spectropop members, collectors, and a few surprise guests like Beverly Warren, Louise Murray of the Jaynetts, and Margaret Ross of the Cookies. Looking around at the audience seated at the vastly larger BB Kings Blues Club & Grill, it’s clear the love for girl groups has grown tenfold since then. Perhaps it’s the unexpected success of documentary 20 … Read more